Dog Boarding Kennels

Wychwood has accommodation to suit all breeds of dogs from Yorkshire terriers to Newfoundlands. In May 2008 Wychwood recently upgraded the kennels by building the "Ozzie Block". The newly built Ozzie block is light, airy and boasts individual exercise run areas. This unit allows us to house two or more large dogs from the same home together. All dogs are housed , exercised and fed on an individual basis except from those from the same home. Wychwood has a securely fenced exercise yard where your dog can run free and play with the toys. Dogs at Wychwood are also individually exercised twice a day. Any medication that a dog requires can be given but prior notice would be appreciated. All dogs that board at Wychwood MUST be fully vaccinated, this includes the kennel cough inoculation which must be given 7 days prior to boarding as it s a live vaccine.